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A Recent Court Ruling, Commonly Referred to as Plevin Means That You May Still Be Due Compensation for Your PPI Policy.

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What is the Plevin rule?

If you've missed the deadline, already received a partial PPI commission refund or have had a PPI claim rejected in the past, then you could still have the opportunity to receive further redress thanks to the landmark Supreme Court decision in Plevin v Paragon Personal Finance Ltd [2014] All ER 128 (Nov).

Plevin has opened up a new claiming route for millions of people who didn't think they had been mis-sold PPI, or who have had their claims rejected.

So who or what is Plevin? In 2014, a court held that Susan Plevin had been treated unfairly because she wasn't informed about the large commission (a staggering 71.8%) that was taken from her PPI payment.

Under Plevin rule, if more than 50% of your PPI's cost went as commission to the lender (or the lender and the broker/adviser combined), and that wasn't explained to you, then you are due back the extra above that.

Shockingly, with loan PPI, on average 67% of what you paid was pocketed by banks as commission from insurers, and banks almost never mentioned it – so millions more people are owed possibly billions in compensation.

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What is Plevin?

When your bank sold PPI they failed to disclose the commission they received. So whilst you may have thought the premiums were for cover, a large percentage of it was actually commission paid to your bank for the sale of the PPI policy. Your Bank’s failure to disclose commission may have created an unfair relationship. Following a Court ruling, known as Plevin, the full PPI premiums can be claimed back plus interest.

What can I claim back?

You can include any of the following charges in a claim:

  • All PPI premiums paid.
  • Any contractual interest paid.
  • 8% statutory interest.
  • For each agreement where there is PPI.
Do I Qualify for a PPI Claim?

You may be able to claim if:

  • You have not already complained about the mis-selling of PPI; or
  • You have previously made a PPI claim which your lender defended and you were not awarded compensation.
Can I Claim Myself?

PPI claims can only be undertaken by solicitors if you wish to claim after the deadline. (ie. you cannot claim direct to your bank or the Financial Ombudsman due to the 2019 PPI deadline, they will simply state that they will no longer look into your claim and quote the FCA deadline legislation.) However, the courts take a different view due to recent landmark rulings and as a result we have claimed back PPI for 1000's of clients after the deadline.

Are You Still Owed Compensation?

Don’t Let the Banks Refuse to Repay You!

Our Solicitor's charge a success fee of 20% plus VAT of any compensation awarded. Cancellation fees may apply. You will have the chance to review the Solicitor paperwork once we complete our initial work and identify PPI.
We do not charge for our assessment work. We may receive a commission from your Solicitor, but you do not need to pay us anything.

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